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More than a little obsessed with Keats and Moby Dick, Mary Beth Bass is the author of science fiction and fantasy romance novels. Her debut paranormal romance, Follow Me received the Book Buyers Best Award for Time Travel, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance.

An occasional travel writer, Mary Beth has written about Paris, Bordeaux, and Yorkshire, where she hiked the moors to the legendary setting for Wuthering Heights, and stood breathless in the parsonage room where Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Bronte talked out their stories with each other.

She loves bad weather, punk rock, and octopuses.


in the place where she fell cover

“I suppose if Ray Bradbury or Richard Matheson had written (or could have written) with your level of palpable sensuality, they may have approached what you do here.  What I find extraordinary is how you present sexual attraction as a legitimate and lasting binder between two people, strong enough to cross the gates of hell and as equally essential to a relationship as mutual respect and consciousness. Absolutely brilliant.” Amazon Reader Review





all that we see cover

Bass (in the place where she fell) provides readers with an interesting story whose characters balance otherworldly powers and very human emotions in a highly complex and dangerous environment.While readers may find that keeping track of Commonworld’s complexity requires some concentration, this adventurous story is well written, emotionally satisfying, and sprinkled with sweet romance.”
—J. Harris, New Hampshire, Library Journal







eyk cover

Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, the Wisconsin Romance Writers Write Touch, and the Heart of Denver Romance Writers Reader’s Choice for best Young Adult Novel.

“Mystical and intriguing…everything you know has everything you’ll love—romance, magic, and characters that draw you into the story. A great new voice in the young adult genre. A truly enjoyable read.”
—New York Times Bestselling Author C. C. Hunter

“Through astounding imagery and richly lyrical prose, Bass’s memorable romantic fantasy is, at its heart, a tribute to the unconquerable spirit of first love.”
—Laura Toffler-Corrie author of My Totally Awkward Supernatural Crush




all that we see coverThe Uskeeyk coverin the place where she fell coverChristmas bookfollow me cover





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