Aspects of the unfinished book that still haunts me pop up all the time, but I still don’t know what to do with it. One of the three heroines (that number maaaay be one of the problems) is in a wheelchair. She is the Victorian era heroine. I’m saving this invalid chair post on Two Nerdy History Girls to read later. And A Duke in Shining Armor looks amazing.

Here is a bit of that unfinished book I’m currently calling And She Was.

and she was bracelets“The lovely, laughing young women acquired voices and temperaments, likes and dislikes, and scores of suitors either unsuitable or unattainable. In the story knitting itself together in Aurora’s head, one of the girls, the one with darker hair, brighter eyes, and paler lips, the one with the now terrible secret, this sister wore a silver bracelet with a key charm hanging like a fairy bell. The other sister, whose full mouth nearly overwhelmed her fair complexion and shy eyes, wore a necklace with a ruby drop the size of a honeybee at her throat. In this way their mother, who did not care to pay close attention to them, could tell them apart. The bracelet sister never removed her bracelet, and the sister with the ruby necklace never took it off.”


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