Oh, Hawthorne

“My theory is that there is less indelicacy in speaking out your highest, deepest, tenderest emotions to the world at large, than to almost any individual. You may be mistaken in the individual; but you cannot be mistaken in thinking that, somewhere among your fellow-creatures, there is a heart that will receive yours into itself.” […]


Emma stood motionless, her stomach unraveling, aware of every inch of her skin. Before Izzy friend-dumped her, Emma’s outsider status hadn’t mattered. She didn’t need the affection or the admiration of five or ten or five hundred girls. She and Izzy spoke their own language of ridiculously important and importantly ridiculous things, absurd-genius nothings irrelevant […]

unearthly singing from out the middle air….@ellenboscov

Hiking in the woods this morning these lines made me think of poet, playwright, composer, word dancer, Ellen Boscov Where had he been, from whose warm head out-flew That sweetest of all songs, that ever new, That aye refreshing, pure deliciousness, Coming ever to bless The wanderer by moonlight? to him bringing Shapes from the […]

Open wide the mind’s cage door

Sometimes the hardest thing is beginning a thing. The first word. The blank page. I have to remind myself always to stop and listen. The story is out there. I only have to follow it. Ever let the Fancy roam, Pleasure never is at home: At a touch sweet Pleasure melteth, Like to bubbles when […]