Open wide the mind’s cage door

Sometimes the hardest thing is beginning a thing. The first word. The blank page. I have to remind myself always to stop and listen. The story is out there. I only have to follow it. Ever let the Fancy roam, Pleasure never is at home: At a touch sweet Pleasure melteth, Like to bubbles when […]

99 Romances for 99 cents! #ghoststories #pastlives #reincarnation #love

From now through 4/4/16, Follow Me is part of Amazon’s 99 Romances for 99 cents promotion! What it would be like if a fantasy romance novel plot was part of your actual, real-life, going-to-work, buying-health-insurance, snow-shoveling, hair-washing, bickering-family wrangling, reality. What would you say to your friends? How could you say out loud that you had fallen for […]

Romance Month – LD Rose

Originally posted on Angela Scavone:
Continuing with our romance theme for this month we have my good friend LD Rose with us today!!! I love this first date story! Love it!! 🙂     How I met my husband and our (unromantic) first date… by L.D. Rose The moment my hubby-to-be walked through the door of…

Chasing Synchronicity

I’m waiting to hear back from my editor about The language of my former heart (writer clock and publishing clock dance in dissonance in a black hole) and biding my time collecting digital ephemera related to the story. Like the cocktail party effect I’m hyper-tuned in to elements of my story floating in the world. […]