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Images of a dark forest, a screaming woman and blood haunt Emma Mathews from the moment she meets Joe Castlellaw, and everything she thought she knew about life, her family, and herself is about to change forever. NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING FOREVER Emma Mathews never believed she was like everyone else, but neither did she think herself crazy. Meeting Joe Castlellaw, Henry Dearborn High’s newest student, was like waking on a cold rock in a strange place, the world bathed in liquid moonlight. Everything is different now…and fraught. Visions of a dark forest, a screaming woman and blood haunt Emma’s dreams, and not only at night. But Joe’s lonely beauty makes her float on air, and she would follow him anywhere: out of high school and through the great tree, to a world of poetry and political savagery, of magic and murder, to a life that is entirely theirs and yet unlike anything they have ever known.


all that we see

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“Book 2 in the “Commonworld” series revisits the secret world beyond our own, where everyone has a powerful gift, Soulmate bonds are sacred, and the Ones in Power fight to maintain their influence. When the Mathews children learn that their parents have been secreted away by the Ones in Power, never to be seen or heard from again, they plan a risky mission to save them. Danger lurks around every corner and even the bonds of Soulmates are in jeopardy. Yet with the help of Thalia, a brave Invisible who is scorned and mistreated by society, they may have a chance. The hazards they face resisting the Ones in Power to save their parents may only be the tip of the iceberg, however, as a deadly force threatens both worlds.
Verdict Bass (in the place where she fell) provides readers with an interesting story whose characters balance otherworldly powers and very human emotions in a highly complex and dangerous environment. While readers may find that keeping track of Commonworld’s complexity requires some concentration, this adventurous story is well written, emotionally satisfying, and sprinkled with sweet romance.”
—J. Harris, New Hampshire, Library Journal


The Uske 

In a crumbling otherworldly society once dedicated to life, love and beauty, one young woman must risk all to free…the Uske.  uske cover